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President’s Message

Dear ISRNM Friends and Colleagues,
2021 has remained a very challenging year in the face of COVID-19 and latest Omicron but we are hopeful and optimistic that the situation will improve in the near future.
As we begin 2022, I would like to thank you for your continuous support, engagement and collaborations with the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism (ISRNM). I would like to acknowledge all the efforts and contributions from the ISRNM Executive Committee, Council, Associate Council, J Renal Nutrition Co-Editors-in-chief, Various Committees, and Vital Base Team in the last year!

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As a global organization, we aim to advance global care in nutrition and metabolism in patients with kidney disease through education, advocacy, research, collaborations and dissemination of evidenced-based knowledge.



We, as an international Society, aspire to optimize the health status and life of patients with kidney disease worldwide through improved care in renal nutrition and metabolism.

Society Newsletter

In order to stay closely connected with all members and associate members of ISRNM, we will update our activities in a regular Society newsletter distributed biannually to all members and associate members. We welcome health professionals and other colleagues with interests in renal nutrition and metabolism around the world to freely subscribe our society e-newsletter to stay in touch with us! Please check out our new website:


Committees of ISRNM

We take this opportunity to honour all Past Presidents, Council and Associate Council members for shaping ISRNM to its current form. 2021 is a year full of opportunities for our members and associate members to engage and participate in our Society’s activities, and to contribute to various Committees of ISRNM. The different committees play vital roles in serving the Mission and Vision of ISRNM and developing our key ISRNM activities in line with our Mission and Vision with the Executive Committee and the Council.

We recently gave out a global call for expression of interests to join us in the various new Committees of ISRNM. This call was received with much enthusiasm and interests. We welcome non-members with interests in renal nutrition and metabolism to join our Society to get involved.


We are very pleased to announce the new Committees and committees' members list of ISRNM. Please refer to our new website ( for full details.

Society Website  – new features

We are proud to announce launching of a new ISRNM website ( and share with you some key new features:

  1. Knowledge Gateway will provide an Up-To-Date Education Platform for ISRNM members and associate members.

  2. ISRNM Monthly Article Bites will highlight interesting and newsworthy articles from the J Renal Nutrition and from other journals.

  3. We will organize regular ‘Live’ education webinars with live questions and answers session. We welcome you to register for these webinars and participate in the LIVE discussions.  In case you miss the live event. The webinar recordings can be reviewed from our Knowledge Gateway.

4. A Discussion Forum is set up in Knowledge Gateway for members to start a discussion thread on articles highlighted in ISRNM Monthly Article Bites or Educations Webinars or any topics or newsworthy articles relating to renal nutrition and metabolism


5. There will also be Key Opinion Leaders’ Interview and Podcasts sharing viewpoints and research findings in the coming months.

Thanks to our Education Committee for diligently preparing and working on all the regular education events in Knowledge Gateway platform of the new website.

For members who are first time users of our website (, please set up your login details at Knowledge Gateway in order to access all the education content and features in this section.


If you are not yet a member of ISRNM, please join here to receive regular updates of Society events, education resources and join our Discussion Forums and other activities.

6. Another new feature of the website is the Patients’ Corner. This corner is prepared by a new Patients Resources Committee, chaired by Keiichi Sumida (Japan/US). We are proud to announce that this is the largest Committee of our Society, comprising of a diverse international group of health professionals and patient representatives.

​This corner aims to promote healthy lifestyles, especially healthy cooking and eating for patients with kidney disease. Patients and health professionals from any country are welcome to visit this corner and join this Committee.  We share kidney-friendly recipes from around the world. We welcome you to share with us kidney-friendly recipes or cooking tips in this corner for our patients. Feel free to email our Secretariat ( so to get involved.

Our Patients' Corner also included different website links that take you to recipes or food information all over the world that suit your kidney patients.


7. We have a Blog area that enables sharing of comments and ideas among health professionals and patients from around the world on how to live well and eat well with kidney disease.


8. Regular theme-based infographics will also be produced for patients and health professionals. These infographics will be translated into different languages.

Please register at the Patients’ Corner to learn more. Feel free to share with us any ideas that enrich this corner for patients and health professionals round the world. We hope to make cooking and eating fun, interesting, practical and enjoyable for our kidney patients and their caregivers!

9. The new website also includes a direct link to the Journal of Renal Nutrition. Free access to this journal is included in your membership subscription to ISRNM.


Partnerships and International Collaborations

We are very honored to develop partnerships and collaborations with other international professional organizations to advance global care in renal nutrition and metabolism.

We have partnered with the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Global Kidney Health Atlas (GKHA) Team in developing a global kidney nutrition care map. A global survey was administered among key kidney care stakeholders (nephrology societies' leaders, healthcare policy makers and patient organization representatives) from 182 countries affiliated with ISN in 2018, aiming to understand current global kidney nutrition care and identify current gaps and unmet needs in kidney nutrition care worldwide. It will form an important advocacy tool to improve global care in kidney nutrition and metabolism. The results of the survey will be released later this year.


We are also continuing our partnership with the Global Renal Exercise (GREX) group, chaired by Ken Wilund (USA) The collaboration between ISRNM and GREX aims to raise awareness and interest in exercise research, practices and strategies in patients with kidney disease.


We have also partnered with the European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) for a joint session at the ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020 on Nutrition in Kidney Disease. We will also be partnering with ISN, Asia-Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) and Chinese Society of Nephrology (CSN) for the first ISN-APSN-Chinese Society of Nephrology (CSN)-ISRNM Session in the next ISRNM congress event in 2022 in GuangZhou, China! 


We also partner with Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) for joint Guidelines and Controversies Conference Report Sessions in the 2022 Congress event.

The ISRNM has also formally been invited to join the Board of Directors of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists ( The NBPNS was designed to strengthen nutrition literacy among physicians by expanding the pool of Physician Nutrition Specialist®, establishing education standards for fellowship training of PNSs, and establishing a unified mechanism for certifying PNSs. The ISRNM will be the tenth nutrition-focused medical society to join the board. It is expected that this move will provide new opportunities to promote the ISRNM to a much broader audience, develop new interdisciplinary collaborations, and promote education on renal nutrition.  Allon Friedman, MD (US) will be ISRNM’s first representative on the Board of Directors. 

As an international organization that focuses on renal nutrition and metabolism, we look forward to developing more partnerships and collaboration activities with other national, regional or international kidney organizations, to raise more global awareness and to advance global care in renal nutrition and metabolism.

Do join us to contribute to our Society’s mission and vision.

ISRNM Biennial Congress and Renal Total Nutrition Therapy Program

Due to COVID-19, the Council and the Congress Team have decided to defer our 2020 Society Congress in GuangZhou, China to 2022 ( The Congress is chaired by Prof Yu Xue Qing, China. Announcement will soon be made when the exact date of the congress is confirmed. 


We are pleased to announce that the Renal Total Nutrition Therapy (TNT) program ( has been updated under the leaderships of Juan Jesus Carrero (Sweden) and Csaba B.Kovesdy (USA). New lectures on i) Sarcopenia, frailty, and benefits of exercise in CKD; ii) Nutrition in the older CKD patient; iii) Nutritional considerations for kidney transplanted patient as well as new clinical case discussions were added to the program.

Thanks to the entire Faculty team including Csaba Kovesdy (USA), Pablo Molina (Spain), Juan Jesus Carrero (Sweden), Carla Avesani (Brazil), Jaimon Kelly (Australia), Lina Johansson (UK), Karine Moreau (France), Kirsten L. Johansen (US) and Maria Chan (Australia) for updating Renal TNT which will be showcased in the next congress of ISRNM in GuangZhou, China, 2022.


Publication plan

The National Kidney Foundation and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have co-developed the new Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiative (KDOQI) Nutrition guidelines in CKD:

KDOQI Clinical Practice Guideline for Nutrition in CKD: 2020 Update.

Ikizler TA, Burrowes JD, Byham-Gray LD, Campbell KL, Carrero JJ, Chan W, Fouque D, Friedman AN, Ghaddar S, Goldstein-Fuchs DJ, Kaysen GA, Kopple KA, Teta D, Wang AY, Cuppari L. Am J Kidney Dis 2020;76(3 Suppl 1):S1-S107.

In relation to this new KDOQI nutrition guidelines in CKD in 2020, ISRNM has published a commentary, highlighting some of the key new recommendations:

The International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism Commentary on the National Kidney Foundation and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics KDOQI Clinical Practice Guideline for Nutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease.

Kistler [KCP4] BM, Moore LW, Benner D, Biruete A, Boaz M, Brunori G, Chen J, Drechsler C, Guebre-Egziabher F, Hensley MK, Iseki K, Kovesdy CP, Kuhlmann MK, Saxena A, Wee PT, Brown-Tortorici A, Garibotto G, Price SR, Wang AY, Kalantar-Zadeh K. J Ren Nutr 2020 Jul 28:S1051-2276(20)30134-5. doi: 10.1053/j.jrn.2020.05.002. Online ahead of print. PMID: 32737016 Review.

In the last 2 years, ISRNM has also developed a few Society publications to advance knowledge in some key aspects in renal nutrition:

Global Prevalence of Protein-Energy Wasting in Kidney Disease: A Meta-analysis of Contemporary Observational Studies From the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.

Carrero JJ, Thomas F, Nagy K, Arogundade F, Avesani CM, Chan M, Chmielewski M, Cordeiro AC, Espinosa-Cuevas A, Fiaccadori E, Guebre-Egziabher F, Hand RK, Hung AM, Ikizler TA, Johansson LR, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Karupaiah T, Lindholm B, Marckmann P, Mafra D, Parekh RS, Park J, Russo S, Saxena A, Sezer S, Teta D, Ter Wee PM, Verseput C, Wang AYM, Xu H, Lu Y, Molnar MZ, Kovesdy CP. J Ren Nutr 2018 Nov; 28(6):380-392. doi: 10.1053/j.jrn.2018.08.006.PMID: 30348259

Eating During Hemodialysis Treatment: A Consensus Statement From the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.

Kistler BM, Benner D, Burrowes JD, Campbell KL, Fouque D, Garibotto G, Kopple JD, Kovesdy CP, Rhee CM, Steiber A, Stenvinkel P, Ter Wee P, Teta D, Wang AYM, Kalantar-Zadeh K. J Ren Nutr 2018 Jan; 28(1):4-12. doi: 10.1053/j.jrn.2017.10.003.PMID: 29249295 Review.

As our Society is approaching its 45th Anniversary in 2022, we are planning a Special Celebration Issue in the Journal of Renal Nutrition, to highlight past developments and achievements as well as review upcoming and future trends in renal nutrition and metabolism.

The Publication Committee will be working on the forthcoming publication plan for the Society. More announcement will be made in our next newsletter.



We welcome anyone with interests in renal nutrition and metabolism to become a member of ISRNM today to enjoy free access to Knowledge Gateway, Education webinars, Monthly Article Bites, KOL interviews, J Renal Nutrition and many more benefits. Click here to learn more.


History of ISRNM

We are honoured to have Professor Joel Kopple, one of the key founders of ISRNM and Marianne A. Vennegoor RD, Associate ISRNM Council Member 1996-1998 to share with us the history of ISRNM in the new website!


Secretariat of ISRNM

We would like to introduce Mr Simon Wong from Vitalbase who has taken up the Secretariat role of ISRNM starting Jan 2021. Feel free to contact our Secretariat ( for any information relating to ISRNM.


Twitter and Facebook Account

Our Education Committee also provides regular articles highlights through our Society Twitter handle. Please follow us on our Twitter and Facebook account!


Express word of thanks

Last but not the least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Executive Committee, the Council and Associate Council as well as every member of our Committees who have contributed to the new Society website development and especially to the Education Committee and Patients Resources Committee for developing key new education initiatives of ISRNM and new features of our Society website.  Thank you to all for your efforts and contributions!  


We look forward to a promising and fulfilling 2021.  Covid-19 has transformed how we do things.  We will leverage our new website to network and conduct fruitful academic exchanges and look forward to our Live Congress event in 2022!


With warmest regards,




Angela Yee-Moon Wang

President, International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism


Taj Mahal

Bidding for ICRNM 2026 (deadline December 1st 2023) with the link for guidelines for bidding

Patients' Corner


Welcome all to share our nutrition knowledge and so on.