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The 7 candidates for Councillor


Laetitia Koppe
MD PhD (France)

As advised by Prof. Denis Fouque, I would like to submit my candidature to the ISRNM Council.

I am associate head of the Department of Nephrology, Nutrition, Dialysis at the Lyon Sud Lyon Hospital Center, France. I am also a member of the research laboratory CarMen, INSERM Unit 1060, University Claude Bernard-Lyon1.

Since more than 10 years, my research areas have been focused on nutrition and glucose metabolism, adipose tissue dysfunction, uremic toxins and intestinal microbiota in renal disease. In particular, I have examined the impact of several uremic toxins on carbohydrates metabolism (Koppe et al, JASN 2013, Koppe et al, J Clin Invest 2016, Luce et al, Kidney Int 2019). Likewise, I try to find innovative strategies to modulate the production of these uremic toxins. In particular, I am focused on the impact of nutritional strategies (e.g.: modification of quantity or quality of protein, Barba, Sci Report, 2021) and on fecal transplantation (Barba et al, Toxins, 2020) on uremic toxins accumulation. I participate in the French minister of Health-sponsored CKD_Microbiome consortium desinged to investigate the role and mechanisms of gut microbiota-related toxicity in the progression of CKD, uremic toxins levels and the potential impact of diet on that relation. This project includes an observational and an experimental component.

My research is based on a fundamental and clinical approach. I have an expertise in animal experimentation with the development of several uremic mouse models (5/6 nephrectomy, chemical nephrectomy,..). Finally, as a nephrologist, I lead several clinical trials to test preclinical hypotheses in cohorts of CKD patients (e.g.: impact of low protein diets on uremic toxins production, mechanisms involved in sarcopenia).

My expertise in translational research (in particular in animal models) and on nutritional interventions during CKD could be of interest to the ISRNM society. Integration into this group would allow me to enrich collaborations and to participate and propose larger-scale research projects. Also, the ISRNM group could be an excellent opportunity to define and validate collectively the definition of nutritional status in CKD patients ( e.g.: PEW).

Sincerely yours,

Dr Laetitia KOPPE, MD, PhD

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