Visual Aids for Healthy Living

Visual Aids Series for Healthy Kidney Diet
#1: How kidneys work?

Providing nutritional education is essential for healthy eating and living in people living with kidney disease. In this series, we are releasing 6 sets of simplified, easy-to-use visual aids for healthy kidney diet, developed by an experienced renal dietitian, Mrs. Cecile Verseput, RD, from South Africa.

The visual aids are based on the 5-step concept – Step 1: How kidneys work, Step 2: What foods are eaten daily, Step 3: What to eat, Step 4: What not to eat & Step 5: How much to eat.


Step 1: How kidneys work?

The first set is to explain how kidneys work and what goes wrong in chronic kidney disease.

Information for new CKD patients not on​ (PDF)

Step 2: What foods are eaten daily?

The second set is to compare foods eaten daily and to address major diet problems using alternatives as provided by 6 tips.

Healthy food & lifestyle patterns for CKD

6 Tips for CKD

Acknowledgement: The ISRNM would like to express sincere thanks to Mrs. Cecile Verseput for sharing her original visual aids for healthy kidney diet.