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Visual Aids for Healthy Living

Visual Aids Series for Healthy Kidney Diet

Providing nutritional education is essential for healthy eating and living in people living with kidney disease. In this series, we are releasing 6 sets of simplified, easy-to-use visual aids for healthy kidney diet, developed by an experienced renal dietitian, Mrs. Cecile Verseput, RD, from South Africa.

The visual aids are based on the 5-step concept – Step 1: How kidneys work, Step 2: What foods are eaten daily, Step 3: What to eat, Step 4: What not to eat & Step 5: How much to eat.


Step 1: How kidneys work?

The first set is to explain how kidneys work and what goes wrong in chronic kidney disease.

Information for new CKD patients not on​ (PDF)

Step 2: What foods are eaten daily?

The second set is to compare foods eaten daily and to address major diet problems using alternatives as provided by 6 tips.

Healthy food & lifestyle patterns for CKD

6 Tips for CKD

Step 3: What to eat?

The third set is to explain renal diet choices by using the plate/pyramid (set 3.1) and provide tips on a “PLADO” diet with emphasis on suitable fiber from grains, beans & fruits and veggies (set 3.2).


Set 3.1

Renal plate

Diabetic Renal Plate

Mediterranean food pyramid


Set 3.2

Kidney friendly grains

Suitable kidney friendly foods rich in fermentable fiber


Step 4: What not to eat?

The fourth set is about alternatives when restricting foods in patients with CKD or DKD. If there are imbalances in biochemistry these may be useful e.g. as posters in dialysis unit.


CKD Sodium Potassium Phosphate alternatives

DKD Sodium Potassium Phos alternatives

Add flavour to your diet

Acknowledgement: The ISRNM would like to express sincere thanks to Mrs. Cecile Verseput for sharing her original visual aids for healthy kidney diet.

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