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Society Publications

We have partnered with International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Global Kidney Health Atlas Team to develop the Global Kidney Nutrition Care Atlas.
Assessing Global Kidney Nutrition Care.
CJASN January 2022, 17 (1) 38-52; DOI:
with an editorial accompanying this Society publication.
We hope this collaborative work will form an important advocacy tool to raise awareness of the importance of renal nutrition care, improve global renal nutrition care and to promote governmental prioritization and allocation of resources and manpower for this essential component in kidney care worldwide, especially in lower income countries.

We have teamed up with the International Federation of Kidney Foundation / World Kidney Alliance (WKA) on the World Kidney Recipes project to promote healthy kidney diet and smart eating for our kidney patients.
Do read up the editorial by Kam Kalantar-Zadeh et al. The World Kidney Recipes: Teaming up to Empower Patients, Care-Partners, Dietitians, and Chefs With Culinary Creativity and Multicultural Diversity in Renal Nutrition and Dietetics in J Renal Nutrition 2021;volume 31, issue 6, P545-549, 2021  DOI:

The International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism Commentary on the National Kidney Foundation and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics KDOQI Clinical Practice Guideline for Nutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease.
Kistler BM, Moore LW, Benner D, Biruete A, Boaz M, Brunori G, Chen J, Drechsler C, Guebre-Egziabher F, Hensley MK, Iseki K, Kovesdy CP, Kuhlmann MK, Saxena A, Wee PT, Brown-Tortorici A, Garibotto G, Price SR, Yee-Moon Wang A, Kalantar-Zadeh K.

J Ren Nutr 2020 Jul 28:S1051-2276(20)30134-5. doi: 10.1053/j.jrn.2020.05.002. Online ahead of print. PMID: 32737016 Review.


Global Prevalence of Protein-Energy Wasting in Kidney Disease: A Meta-analysis of Contemporary Observational Studies From the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.
Carrero JJ, Thomas F, Nagy K, Arogundade F, Avesani CM, Chan M, Chmielewski M, Cordeiro AC, Espinosa-Cuevas A, Fiaccadori E, Guebre-Egziabher F, Hand RK, Hung AM, Ikizler TA, Johansson LR, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Karupaiah T, Lindholm B, Marckmann P, Mafra D, Parekh RS, Park J, Russo S, Saxena A, Sezer S, Teta D, Ter Wee PM, Verseput C, Wang AYM, Xu H, Lu Y, Molnar MZ, Kovesdy CP.

J Ren Nutr 2018 Nov; 28(6):380-392. doi: 10.1053/j.jrn.2018.08.006.PMID: 30348259



Eating During Hemodialysis Treatment: A Consensus Statement From the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.
Kistler BM, Benner D, Burrowes JD, Campbell KL, Fouque D, Garibotto G, Kopple JD, Kovesdy CP, Rhee CM, Steiber A, Stenvinkel P, Ter Wee P, Teta D, Wang AYM, Kalantar-Zadeh K.

J Ren Nutr 2018 Jan; 28(1):4-12. doi: 10.1053/ j.jrn.2017.10.003.PMID: 29249295 Review.


Prevention and treatment of protein energy wasting in chronic kidney disease patients: a consensus statement by the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.
Ikizler TA, Cano NJ, Franch H, Fouque D, Himmelfarb J, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Kuhlmann MK, Stenvinkel P, TerWee P, Teta D, Wang AY, Wanner C; International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism. Kidney Int. 2013 Dec;84(6):1096-107. doi: 10.1038/ki.2013.147.

Epub 2013 May 22. Review. PMID: 23698226 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] 


Etiology of the protein-energy wasting syndrome in chronic kidney disease: a consensus statement from the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism (ISRNM). 
Carrero JJ, Stenvinkel P, Cuppari L, Ikizler TA, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Kaysen G, Mitch WE, Price SR, Wanner C, Wang AY, ter Wee P, Franch HA.

J Ren Nutr 2013 Mar; 23(2):77-90. doi: 10.1053/j.jrn.2013.01.001. Review. PMID: 23428357 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Free Article 


A proposed nomenclature and diagnostic criteria for protein-energy wasting in acute and chronic kidney disease.
Fouque D, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Kopple J, Cano N, Chauveau P, Cuppari L, Franch H, Guarnieri G, Ikizler TA, Kaysen G, Lindholm B, Massy Z, Mitch W, Pineda E, Stenvinkel P, Treviño-Becerra A, Wanner C. Kidney Int. 2008 Feb;73(4):391-8.

Epub 2007 Dec 19. Erratum in: Kidney Int. 2008 Aug;74(3):393. Trevinho-Becerra, A [corrected to Treviño-Becerra, A]. PMID: 18094682 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Free Article 


The history of the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism, 1977-2006.
Vennegoor MA.

J Ren Nutr 2007 Sep; 17(5):289-95. No abstract available. PMID: 17720097 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] 

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