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Bidding for ICRNM 2026 (deadline December 1st 2023) 

Principles in Bidding for the International Congress on Nutrition and Metabolism in Renal Diseases


Scientists or Societies active in the field of renal nutrition and metabolism around the world are invited every two years to bid to host ICRNM.

The timelines for bidding are published on the ISRNM website and in the ISRNM website. In case of query, feel free to contact ISRNM secretariat (

Bidders are invited to make a full Powerpoint presentation to the Council of ISRNM on the  ICRNM  they plan to host.

The following is a checklist of information that needs to  be addressed in the Powerpoint presentation

  1. The name of the professional/scholarly/scientific under whose aegis the Congress will be organized (e.g. national Academy, scholarly Society, Institution, etc.)

  2. The person who will head the Organizing Committee.

  3. The structure of the Organizing Committee.

  4. The ability to finance and underwrite the cost of the Congress.

  5. Previous experience in the organization of large, international conferences.

  6. Availability of a suitable Congress venue and appropriate accommodation.

  7. Availability of flights from various continents to the host city.

  8. Potential to obtain support from industry and government.

  9. The proposed broad outline of the social programme of events for the week of the Congress.

  10. Local transport infrastructure and hotels distance/airport distance to convention center, convention facility

  11. Likely cost and estimated number of delegate registration

  12. Processes to be used to identify suitable Plenary and Keynote Speakers

  13. Any other matters which the applicant considers relevant 

  14. The winner of the bid is invited to make a full presentation at the ICRNM preceding the Congress he is planning to host.


The ISRNM is not responsible for the financial balance of the ICRNM. In case of positive balance, the net income of the congress shall be divided as 2/3 for ISRNM and 1/3 for the organizer.




March 27, 2024​


Dear ISRNM Members,​

I bring to your urgent notice, certain unfortunate developments that have transpired in the last three weeks in India vis-a-vis new government restrictions on Indian pharmaceutical company support of speakers and delegate/attendees to attend conferences and medical meetings such as ICRNM 2024. Such sponsorships are common in India. Consequently, these recent developments are likely to have a significant negative impact on delegate attendance and the financial viability of ICRNM 2024.


In view of these unfortunate circumstances, the local organizers have decided to cancel the 21st Congress of the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism, Hyderabad, India, August 27-31 2024 at HICC (ICRNM 2024), along with all the pre-Congress workshops, the Annual Conference of Indian Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism (SRNMCON 2024) and the 1st Annual Conference of the IAPEN INDIA RNI.


Sincerely yours,

Russ PricePresident, ISRNM

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