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The 7 candidates for Councillor


Paramat Thimachai
MD (Thailand)


I am submitting an application for an ISRNM Council/Associate Council member 

My name is Dr. Paramat Thimachai. I have been working as a Nephrologist for 7 years in Pramongkutgla hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. I am interested in renal nutrition and metabolism. I plan to be a nutrition research fellow this year at the University of Alberta, Canada. I intend to return to my home country to complete the remaining duration of my studies for working in renal nutrition service after I completed this program. I want to become an ISRNM Council/Associate Council member because there are not only a lot of resources for improving renal nutrition care such as ISRNM education but also research ideas. I hope after joining your member I could be eligible to work with ISRNM. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Best regards, 

Captain Paramat Thimachai 

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