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Kidney Community Kitchen

Updated: May 4, 2021

The Kidney Community Kitchen website was created as a result of a generous bequest from Jame

s MacOwen Andrews, who was affected by kidney disease, and who felt a dedicated site of renal-friendly recipes would be beneficial for those with the illness. If caught early, chronic kidney disease can be managed to delay or prevent kidney failure and reduce the risks of other complications. Diet is a considerable aspect of the management of this illness. The goal of the Kidney Community Kitchen is to empower its users through information and resources to take ownership of their condition and manage it to the best of their ability. Additionally, the site aims to make food and cooking as easy and fun as possible for a population that has been told many foods are off-limits.

The Kidney Foundation is committed to achieving excellent kidney health, optimal quality of

life, and a cure for kidney disease.

For over 50 years, The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s vision has guided us to be a collaborative, inventive and focused leader in the development of programs, services, research opportunities and awareness campaigns that have had a positive impact on the millions of Canadians living with, or at risk of developing kidney disease.

Acknowledgement: The ISRNM would like to express sincere thanks to Kidney Foundation of Canada for sharing their kidney-friendly recipes.

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