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I learned that my kidney had a lot of cysts during an operation some years ago. At that time, I didn’t take notice of it. I was still young by then and I thought the kidney cysts were not a problem. 


But later, I found that my mom had similar problems, but much more serious, that the disease eventually caused her kidney failure. Then I become to realize that polycystic kidney disease can be a very serious health issue. Getting such disease is like my body  implanted a time bomb.


Nevertheless, I am not panicked because it won't help you feel better. It is fate. God has its own arrangements. I stay to disregard myself being a patient. I keep working. I go to swim or do exercise every day. 


Luckily, I am blessed with a very good doctor. I just pay more attention to my diet at my doctor's advice. Essentially, less oil, less salt, less sugar. Avoid too much high-protein food, high folic acid, red meat, and tree nuts. No alcohol and smoking of course.


My meal is mainly light. I keep three meals a day.


Breakfast may include

oatmeal (boiled with water/fresh milk), 

White bread, boiled egg, macaroni with some ham (no sauce)



rice/vermicelli/ noodles /Spaghetti, steamed fish, tofu, melons, lean meat, boiled vegetables, chicken meat, tomatoes, turnips, radishes, potatoes, etc. These are usually stewed or steamed with sprinkling seasonings.


Besides, I will drink more water. On average I will consume 3,500cc of water daily. Because I have high blood pressure, I have avoided most snacks such as my beloved chocolate, cakes, and ice cream. I rarely go out for meals. I am afraid that the food outside is always salty and greasy. I always bring food with me to work. 


Overall, the polycystic kidney disease has not affected my daily life too much. I just have to pay more attention to my diet and keep doing exercise, so I have no worries and continue to live happily every day. 


Let's work together to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Thank you.

Patient - Miss Tso Mun Yi

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